More Sublime Hotkeys: Custom Package for Use with Angular

The Angular-UI project have produced an excellent package that provides auto-completion and lookup for Angular directives/controllers/services/filters/etc., in both Sublime 2 and 3. Go get it, install, then check out these crucial hotkeys:

  • Index My Angular Project⌘-CTRL-L
    Once you’ve done this, Angular should recognize all of your Angular components. If your project is already indexed, this hotkey will open a quick-panel containing all of your components and you can jump to a component from there. 
  • GoTo Definition of This Component⌘-CTRL-OPT-L
    Whatever Angular component is referenced at your insertion point, Sublime will attempt to jump directly to its definition within the project, opening the file if necessary. Remember that you’ll need to index the project first for this to work.
  • Get Online Documentation for This Built-In Component⌘-CTRL-SHIFT-L
    If your insertion point is inside a reference to, perhaps, ng-click, the package will open your default browser to the official documentation for ng-click, or to any other Angular component  that ships with the official distribution. 

One thought on “More Sublime Hotkeys: Custom Package for Use with Angular

  1. […] (Note 2: Yes, I know some people just adore IDE’s. But my reading and my limited experience with them leaves me with the prejudice that there is just way too much cruft, and that Sublime has more elegantly included most of their core functionality anyway. That said, I’m prepared to consider WebStorm some day, solely because I keep seeing gurus like Misko Hevery using it in Angular.js demos. But I’ll be surprised if a comprehensive feature comparison reveals much that I could use on a daily basis for small projects I’ve written myself. Then again, I’m not a guru, so YMMV. UPDATE: the Angular-UI team have produced a plugin for sublime that reproduces much of the Auto-Complete and GoTo-Definition functionality that WebStorm had previously offered for Angular. See my post.) […]

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