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JSChannel 2015 Video, plus ReactConf Video, Etc.

Anyone who missed JSChannel 2015, or who just wants to re-view it, can catch the video on YouTube! See Day 1, Day 2. (FWIW, my React/Flux Workshop begins at about 3:47:25, but avoid it if you can’t handle seeing a couple cringe-worthy one-time compilation failures I still can’t explain. 🙂

And, since I was talking about React that day, it’s also worth checking out the video from React.js Conf 2015. Plus, there’s the React-Native talk from F8. And React-Europe.

Workshop Slides from JSChannel Conference Bangalore 2015: “React & Flux”

Thanks to the JSChannel team for having me! Slides are available below, and the associated GitHub repos are here: jschannel-react-demos & jschannel-flux-demos

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