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Chrome’s Incognito Mode is Good for More Than Just Porn & Larceny!

I don’t know if it’s the latest version of Chrome or just a normal variation in experience, but over the last day or so I suddenly find that many .html & .js files I’ve changed aren’t rendering in browser. The old versions are getting stuck in Chrome’s cache and not updating.

I started with ‘Force Reload’, which didn’t do the trick. Then, I bounced my server a couple times, but that didn’t help at all. Finally, I just manually cleared the Chrome cache, which solved it. 

And then I did it again. 

And then I left the settings page open to make the next 5 cache clearances easier.

And then I finally noticed that little yellow message the next time I opened the ‘Clear Browsing Data’ window: 



Oh, right. A tool beloved by porn-hunters, freedom-fighters, cheating spouses, and anybody else who doesn’t want to leave a trail actually has a very straightforward and more abstract purpose I should have thought of sooner: allowing you to browse without caching anything. Which is exactly what this UI guy wanted.

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