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About Using CSS Floats for Primary Layout: Stop It Already

The piece of my CSSConf Asia talk that generated the most heat in the Twittersphere was the following claim:

Floats were invented for one reason and one reason alone: to allow text to wrap around an image. They were not intended to do what we do with them. I know this hurts to hear it: but Floats are the table-based layout of our time. Unless you have to support IE6, stop using them, except in very specific, very limited situations.

So, let’s just add some quick clarity to that, as conference talks need to be more concise than is ideal: floats are cool for tactical uses, and are downright invaluable if you’re supporting old IE and can’t use display:inline-block as yet, let alone Flexbox. Even with inline-block available to you, there are still places where floats are super-handy, like kicking a single element in a toolbar off to the right, or when you really do want to wrap your inline text around an image. Continue reading

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My CSSConf Asia Video is Now on YouTube: “Scalable CSS”

Woops! I’ve just realized I never posted my slides, either. Here they are:

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Promises, Promises: Mastering Async I/O in Javascript with the Promise Pattern

This definitely deserves a full article. The Promise pattern can fundamentally alter our async code, making it elegant, declarative, and highly functional. But for now, here are just the slides from my recent Meetup presentation in Bangalore:

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