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Must-Use Features & Hotkeys for Sublime Text; Sweet Video Tutorial

I’m a bit ashamed. I started using Sublime Text more than a year ago, but never got around to learning many of its best features. This is my penance.

First, let’s be clear (and opinionated): if you develop for UI, you probably ought to be using Sublime. Sure, there are the folks who insist that terminal-based modal editors keep them closer to Jesus, or might allow them to someday squash bugs on the production server with their phone, from the top of Mt. Hood, in a blizzard,¬†while making sweet love to an angel. But for more… uhhh… practical… folks, Sublime is the way to go. In particular, UI devs spend so much time working in desktop applications as the point of interaction with designers, product owners, clients, etc. that I don’t think it makes sense to “break your hands” with vim/emacs shortcuts when you can keep yourself comfortable with the Mac OS hotkey paradigm. (YMMV.) Continue reading

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