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Transferring/Importing Emails Between IBM Notes Accounts

There are days when IBM (Lotus) Notes makes me lose my faith in the forward progress of humanity, and specifically of the idea that most people do, in fact, care about their jobs and the products they build. This is one of those days.

I am not the least bit convinced that anybody who works in the Notes unit (except perhaps the designers, who have made huge strides lately) gives a flying &^$% about their jobs. Definitely not their users. People: how hard is it to add a hotkey for “REPLY”, for chrissakes? FORWARD too, maybe? How about “File this message”? Is this all crazy talk, or are the people in Notes-land living in some other parallel universe where their users don’t actually use Notes principally as an email client? Or perhaps in their universe it’s still 1998? And Notes is still awesome.  Continue reading

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