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How to Cross-Post to Google+ From Your WordPress Blog… sorta’

It’s surprising that Google *still* won’t make it easier for people to integrate Plus into the broader social ecosystem. That’s OK. You can work around this.

I’ve been looking for a good personal use-case for IFTTT since it launched, and thought I had one. Follow these instructions, and IFTTT will take any new posts from your WordPress blog and cross-post them to Google+, using some tomfoolery related to SMS and Google Voice. Only problem is… it doesn’t really work.

I mean, sure: if you want something on your G+ stream that  looks and feels like an SMS, with only a text version of your link, but no photo or capsule-text, it works great. In a  very 1999 kind of way. If you want it to resemble something that you posted in-person… you’ll want to do it manually. On the bright side, there’s no absolute need to cut-and-paste your whole post: just inserting the link will do a very nice job of picking up the basics.

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