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Angular from Scratch: Slides from AngularJS Meetup DC

Thanks to all who attended! Thanks to Leigh Frampton for organizing and to LearningObjects (and Optoro :-)) for hosting. Demo files available to clone here.

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First (?!) Real Angular.js Book Hitting the Streets Tomorrow

I’d heard rumors of such things, but while looking at some other technical books tonight, noticed that O’Reilly is imminently publishing “AngularJS”, by Brad Green & Shyam Seshadri. Congrats, guys! And congrats, Angular team. Angular has always been a great product, but getting books out about it is a big deal. Devs will follow.

According to Amazon, the paperback isn’t “published” until tomorrow, but the Kindle edition has been out for weeks! Where was I???

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Angular vs. Ember: Does (Code) Beauty Matter?

I never think about beauty. I think only how to solve the problem. But when I have finished, if the solution is not beautiful, I know it is wrong. 

-Richard Buckminster Fuller

For some reason, this quote immediately made me think of Angular vs. Ember, and the debate about inline templates. Have a look at the template (let alone the HTML output) of an Ember application, and then at the same for an Angular application. One of them is elegant, declarative and efficient; the other… not. Does that make the ugly one ‘wrong’? It sure seems strongly suggestive. 🙂

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